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Ariana Grande Responds To ‘Concerns’ About Her Body (video)

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 13, 2023
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Ariana Grande Responds To ‘Concerns’ About Her Body – Ariana Grande has shared details concerning her wellbeing following an examination of alterations in her bodily presentation by followers.

Following recent comments from social media users about her thinner appearance, Ariana Grande tackled concerns about her weight in a TikTok video shared on Tuesday.

Grande suggested that we ought to adopt a more considerate and less complacent approach when it comes to discussing people’s physical appearance. She recommended finding ways to compliment others without fixating on their bodies or tactfully avoiding negative remarks altogether. Grande emphasized the need to support each other in creating a safer and more respectful environment.

In her statement, the artist behind Positions remarked that there are several methods to achieve a healthy and attractive appearance. Furthermore, she acknowledged that her past physical appearance was indicative of an unhealthy period in her life.

“My current physique is not comparable to the unhealthiest version of my body,” asserted Grande. She divulged, “During that phase of my life, I resorted to consuming antidepressants, consuming alcohol along with an unhealthy diet. That was the nadir of my life and coincided with the time when you perceive me as being healthy. However, that is far from the truth and is not what I would consider healthy.”

Perhaps something positive can arise from being open and vulnerable in this situation, although I am aware that it shouldn’t require an explanation.

Grande urged her audience to avoid passing judgment on others’ appearances, highlighting that one can never truly understand another person’s circumstances.

Grande advised being kind to one another and oneself, acknowledging that the other person may already be addressing the issue or has a team helping them manage it despite coming from a place of love and concern.

Irrespective of the challenges you face, you are stunning, stated her social media update. It does not matter if you have gained weight or changed your makeup routine, undergone any cosmetic surgery, or not done so- you remain beautiful.

Ariana Grande Responds To ‘Concerns’ About Her Body.

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