Actors In Jail And The Reasons Why (20)

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Actors in jail

In this article we will look 20 actors rooting in jail and the reasons why.

20. Ryan Grantham ( Actor in jail )

Actors in prison. Ryan

Riverdale star, Ryan had shot his own mother, while she was playing a piano. He then confessed the murder in a recorded video.

After the murder, Ryan planned to assassinate the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. But he decided to carry out a mass shooting. Thankful all his plans never went through, he then turned himself to the police.

The charges 2nd degree murder. Though his lawyers tried to argue he was mentally unwell. he jury couldn’t by this and he was awarded a Lifetime jail sentence.

19. Micheal Jace ( Actors in jail )

Actors in prison. Micheal Jace

On May of 2014, Micheal called police and said ” I shot my wife “.

According to eye witness, Michael’s wife was planning to divorce him and he responded by shooting her.

Imme diately after the police arrived Michael confessed on the murder.

Though Micheal tried to argue that killing was not his intention he was just trying to injure her. The jury didn’t buy this and he was Sentences 40 years in prison.

18. Allison Mack ( Actors in Jail )

Actors in prison

She was running a multi-level marketing company known as NXIVM for business coaching. The organization had a secret group on the other side. This group was known as D.O.S, which stood for Dominus Obsequious Sororium.

The main function of this secret group was to trafficking young women. Allison used her career to publicly support empowerments of female actors. But behind the scene she build a sex trafficking empire.

Allison secret organization fell apart in April of 2018, she was arrested by FBI for trafficking and other charges.

According to FBI, Allison forced young women to perform innapropriate and questionable acts. As a result Allison profited from them.

After her arrest, Allison accepted her charges and co-operated with the FBI’s as a result many of human trafficking agents associated with D.O.S were brought to justice. Due to her collaboration she received a lighter sentence than many have expected. She was sentence to 3 years in prison.

17. Kaalan Walker ( Actors in jail )

The ‘ Superfly ‘ actor got in September of 2018 for assault, four ladies reported that they have been messaged by the actor promising them to secure position in the movie but instead he met with the ladies alone and did questionable things to them.

As a result of this he received 9 charges of felony assault. The jury found him guilty and he was sentence a 50 year to life prison sentence.

16. Skylar Deleon ( Actor in jail )

couple’s, Skylar and her wife turned to crime in 2002. Skylar, her wife and people decided to rob a couples sailing a yatch. That group attacked the couple’s tide them up, stole the yatch and threw them to the ocean, where their bodies were never recovered.

Years later one of the group members confessed and after investigation Skylar was found of 1st degree murders as a result he was Sentenced to life imprisonment.

Before his arrest he had already changed his gender to female and acquire a new name Preciosa.

15. Amy Locane ( Actor in jail )

In June of 2010, Amy was part of a fatal car crush that changed her life forever.

Amy was driving 15 miles over the speed limit kept it was late at night and she was dranked too, she lost control and hitted Fred’s car. Though Fred survived in the accident his wife Hellen wasn’t lucky.

ThaAmy’s blood was taken for alcoholic level test and it was found that she had 3× the legal minimum alcoholic for driving.She faced 2 charges, one for aggravated manslaughter and the other assault by automobile.

In 2012 a jury found her guilty for both charges and she was Sentenced for 3 years jail term, she was then released in 2015 but the story was far from over. In 2016 a new jury ruled that the case should be re-examine because they found that the initial verdict was too lenient for Amy. As a result in 2019 she was Sentenced for additional 5 years in prison. She later appealed but her appeal didn’t end well instead she was Sentenced 8 years in prison.

14. Harvey Weinstein ( Actor in jail )

You all know how Harvey’s power to Hollywood was ernomous, no one could believe that he could have gone down like that.

October of 2017 numerous accuses of abuse and misconduct were surfaced against him after investigation Harvey was charged with rape, abuse, misconduct and criminal sexual act.

Harvey was only found guilty of two out of the five charges, but even though they were just two, they were enough to take him to prison, Harvey was Sentenced 23 years in prison.

13. Joseph Son ( Actor in jail )

In May of 2008, Son was convicted for 60 days the first time, felony charges. n prison he was asked to produce his DNA for further investigations.

Son’s DNA linked him to another crime, it turns out that Joseph had been involved in a gang that forced themselves to a lady in 1990. With this other crimes that and he was Sentenced 27 years in prison.

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