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A Beggar posing as PWDs busted in Malindi (video)

ByBrian Omondi

May 23, 2023
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A Beggar posing as PWDs busted in Malindi – Malindi has been experiencing a rise in beggars who pretend to be disabled. These individuals have been caught trying to scam residents out of their money.

The locals are worried due to the prevalence of imposters. Those who represent the disabled community have held security agencies responsible, claiming that their carelessness is to blame.

Lately, there have been reports about Tanzanian citizens who masquerade as disabled individuals and receive assistance from unidentified middlemen who offer them a regular payment to ask money from individuals roaming the roads of Malindi community.

Thima Abu, a Malindi village elder and representative of people with disabilities, spoke to reporters outside the local police station. She recounted how she had learned of suspicious activity some time ago but lacked concrete evidence. Recently, an 11-year-old child came forward with information that led to the arrest of two individuals posing as beggars.

She reported, During my encounter yesterday, I met an 11-year-old boy confined to a wheelchair. After I gifted him with a thousand shillings, he was overwhelmed with happiness and shockingly rose from his wheelchair. As he stood up, I took the opportunity to reveal myself as a police officer.

The boy disclosed the identities of his partners who deceitfully conduct their operations in the town, out of apprehension.

During a police interrogation, Thima came across a beggar in a wheelchair who revealed some stunning information.

Her origin was disclosed as Tanzania, where she was transported from. The coordination of the entire operation is managed by a designated agent.

In addition, the perpetrator declared that they receive a monthly payment of KES 5000 for the services they provide.

Jessica Daniel Daudi, a Tanzania beggar lacking proper travel documents, admitted that she and her brother had a benefactor who housed them. Nonetheless, in exchange, they were obliged to beg on the streets and hand over their earnings to their patron, who compensated them with KES 5,000 every month.

Victrine Nyamolo, who was once an MCA nominee advocating for the rights of persons with disability in Kilifi County Assembly, has urged the government to implement policies that will prevent imposters from exploiting the public’s compassion towards those with disabilities.

A Beggar posing as PWDs busted in Malindi via ntv

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