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A Beautiful 3,300-year-old Egyptian Skull With 70 extensions.

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● Ancient Egyptians

● A beautiful,3,300-year-old Egyptian Skull.

● The Ancient City Of Akhetaten and Amarna Cementry.

The right kind of hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable. Just like how a crown reveals the glory of a King, the perfect hairstyle reveals the glory of a woman.

Ancient Egyptians

Credit; discover world

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians who called themselves ‘remetch en kemet’. which means,the people of the black land ‘ wore extentions? By the way Kermet simply means black land. The name Kermet was derived from the colour of their black fertile soil.

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A 3,300-year-old Egyptian Skull

A 3,300-year-old Egyptian Skull
A 3,300-year-old Egyptian Skull. Credit; Wikipedia

Researchers led by doctor Jolanda Bos, working on an archaeological site in Egypt at Amarna Cementry in the Ancient City of Akhetaten, discovered a skull which had around 70 hair extensions still intact on the skull. This discovery proved that there is nothing new in this world. Even though most of our female celebrities likes of Alicia Keys, Zuchu and Nandi the Africa Princess thinks putting on hair extensions is something new and modern.

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Ancient City Of Akhetaten

The City was build by King Akhetaten in early 1345 BC. After the fall and death of King Akhataten the City was renamed as Amarna or Tel el- amarna, named after the Amran tribe who were the dwellers of the ancient city.

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The Rise And Fall Of Akhetaten

King Akhetaten who was previously known as Pharaoh Amenhotep iv, took over power after the death of his father and his eldest brother who was the crown Prince.

During his ascension to power Egyptians were worshiping many gods, he didn’t liked this idea. He managed to change the Egyptians way of worshipping many gods and made the Tel el- amnra people to worship the Aten, the sun god, who he heard beliefs to. The Akhataten city was build to honor the Aten god, but it was declined shortly after his death.


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