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Kennedy Rapudo Wishes Amber Ray’s Son Happy Birthday Despite Break-up

ByBrian Omondi

Apr 26, 2023
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Kennedy Rapudo Wishes Amber Ray’s -Despite our assumptions that Rapudo and Amber Ray had ended their relationship days ago, their enigmatic messages suggest otherwise.

Just a few weeks ago, Amber Ray came forward to discuss her recent break up. She disclosed that she was now a single mother of two, which took many of her fans off-guard and sparked a great deal of skepticism.

Rapudo announced via his Instagram that the reason for their separation will be revealed in the next couple of months, coinciding with Amber Ray’s expected due date for their soon-to-be-born daughter.

Following the disclosure, it became apparent that they could be lying about their detachment; they continue to mention one another. Also, Amber Ray is indifferent about being unattached, only as long as the father of her child provides her with financial support – she expressed this sentiment clearly.

Kennedy Rapudo Wishes Amber Ray's

Surprisingly, Rapudo has extended birthday greetings to Gavin, who happens to be Amber Ray’s offspring, as the boy is turning 13 today.

On Instagram, he expressed his wishes for a joyous birthday for Champ. He hoped that Champ would have an abundance of love and happiness surrounding him on this special day, bringing smiles to his face.

Despite his strained relationship with Amber, Rapudo appears to have a positive rappor

Kennedy Rapudo Wishes Amber Ray’s Son Happy Birthday Despite Break-up

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