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September 28, 2016

NIKUBAYA- Octopizzo’s girlfriend Says She Is Not Engaged To The Kibera Rapper

Octopizzo’s ex-girlfriend Christine Fernades has released a statement distancing herself from media reports that claimed she is engaged to the Kibera rapper. In the statement seen by Word Is, Christine further alleges that she was in an abusive relationship with the rapper. Octopizzo and Christine broke up back in 2012. Media reports a few weeks ago, confused Christine with Octopizzo’s […]
September 28, 2016

PHOTO OF THE DAY:Check Out HolyDave’s New Look “amemea kitambi” Actually

We all might happen to know HolyDave all way back from when Gospel was Real Gospel.I mean kutoka zile enzi za akina EkoDyda.When they first Dropped The Niko Na Reason Song. Kenyan Gospel was just Awesome back then. Nevertheless,HolyDave as not lost his dignity nor has his fame faded, Awa mafala wengine wakizidi kuimba aty “mungure,chaa!! mara mapenzi mapenzi,mara Mungu […]
September 28, 2016

TWO CAREERS IN ONE: Police Officer Caught On Camera Salivating At Size8’s Booty

​One police officer has taken the crown of the thirstiest police officer in Nairobi after he haw recently caught salivating on size 8’s goodies for almost an hour. The cop who is now an official member of team mafisi spent a good amount of time “akikagua” the singer’s bumps when she was performing at an event.
September 28, 2016

TUVIBE WCW : Meet LaizerKtz Our Tuvibe Model Of The Day (PHOTOS)

She probably might have caught an attraction to many team mafisis team mbwehas outside there, but the fact remains if you got no strong vibes to keep her wanting then all you have to do is “kula kwa macho nanii”. LAIZER has her name reveals is the hottest mama in town right now,everyone is talking about her sexy curvy thighs […]