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August 24, 2016

Popular KTN’s Maisha Mzuqa Show Presenter Jamal Gaddafi Becomes a Dad. 

​Popular KTN presenter and Fashionista Jamal Gaddafi is now a happy Dad and family father.This happens recently after his Long Dating Fiancè BABY G delivered a baby boy. Jamal got this news revealed since he couldnt hide his joy,he went on to his Social Media platform and Broke the Good News to his Followers,Family and Friends not forgetting his Allies. […]
August 24, 2016

WCW:This Is Why Adelle Anyango Is Doing Great

​She is one of the most vocal and influential people in the Media industry,with her sweet voice on air every morning On Kiss100Fm, from sharing her story to using herself as testimony that situations cannot define who you are and what you are dedicated to.Adelle has a sad experience ever,from having lost her dad,to being raped then to loosing her […]
August 24, 2016

Hehe,Kenyan Gospel Is Going Nowhere See What Bahati Is Upto Just After WillyPaul Doing the Same Thing Months Ago

Kenyan gospel will remain to be useless and meaningless to real gospel believers if this is the only way to keep being relevant to most Artistes. Few months ago Willypaul Featured SautiSol in Their new Hit “Take It Slow“. After Releasing and actually circulating the Song allover the Media Houses And Cooperates,His competitor BahatiKenya ,dropped his Song too Dubbed “BAHATI IN LOVE” Willypaul […]
August 23, 2016

TUVIBE: How i Almost Fell For This Hot Tall Dark Kikuyu Guy Until He Opened His Mouth

The year was 2005 the month was November- can’t remember the date. I used to work in Kiambu. So this fateful day I was in the office nursing a broken heart and a hangover. My boss had travelled to Nyeri for a burial So the whole day I was to sit in his office and Appolo who was the supervisor […]