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November 13, 2016

MAFISI TIBIM- This Hot Kenyan Cop Is Looking For A Man To Marry Her.

​Few months ago social media and all blogspheres were wagging over hot cop Steve Karisa  after he shared his photos on social media. Women went wild and men could not take it anymore. Karisa became famous all over Kenya in weeks. Now, a super-hot lady cop has surfaced online but because of different reason. This cop wants a man she […]
November 13, 2016

HERI NIJITIE MANDIZI- Luo Woman Regrets Being Married By a Kikuyu Man.

​Luo woman is regretting why she accepted to be married by a Kikuyu man, which has brought untold suffering to her life. Alice was married 2 years ago and later realized that the man is too weak in bed that even a cock is better. She is contemplating divorcing her man. “Okay,I wanted a man who has money,looks,style and swag…plus […]
November 13, 2016

NIKUBAYA- Gospel Singer Ringtone Apoko Chased Out Of His Rented House In Karen For Failing To Pay a 400,000/- Rent

​Flamboyant singer, Ringtone, has been kicked out of his rented seven bedroom house in Karen after he failed to pay two-month rent amounting to Ksh400,000. The singer was seen looking for a house in Eastlands after friends refused to accommodate him. He is expected to live in a simple apartment in Eastlands. Ringtone’s house was located at Muiri Gardens in […]
November 7, 2016

KIMEUMANA , ATY HAJUI KUOSHA PUNANY – FemiOne Gets An HeartBreaking Diss Reply From One Of Her Fans.

This guy has no chills, Femione is in hot soup after releasing his solo diss track dubbed “PilauNjeri”  (of which mimi pia sijajua inamaanisha nini). A certain guy by the name Ashnaam has gone ahead to release a diss post directed to FemiOne.He has gone ahead even to mention the music industry bigwigs from Notiflow,KingKaKa. The post is full crap […]