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January 8, 2017

Here Are 5 Tips On How To Bang These Momo Curvy Fat Ass Ladies.

​Mafisi Tibim!!!! Mafisi Hoyee!!! We are gathered here today to conquer the momo nation. Gather some condoms, eat some ugali and lets match to the battlefield There are normal men then there are men who love big fleshy girls like Risper Faith. Yeah…those proportional fat girls with tank asses that change the course of the earth’s path around the sun. […]
January 7, 2017


Mapensi Hapana Mcheso! January is a very cruel month.Pesa inakutoroka,pombe haikutaki & the latest (Drumrolls Priss) DEM HATAKI MAMBO YAKO! Yayee.Let me stop beating around the bush.Remember speculations about the love affair between Ti Ti Ti Ti Timmy Tdat! Kasabun! Aaah Cedoooo!…Okay on a serious note now. Tusipochunga,someone will date the whole music industry. About a month ago,there were rumours […]
January 5, 2017


Is Supremacy Sounds breathing its last? Yesterday John Maina,better known as Mc Fullstop warned his Fans on Facebook saying that he no longer works with Supremacy Sounds and that they have taken over his Twitter account.His fans were outraged by Supremacy Sound’s actions,most of them urging Mc Fullstop to sue them. We were able to talk to Mc Fullstop for […]
December 24, 2016

ROTTEN: This Girl Agreed To Be Screwed By A German Man’s Dog For A Certain Amount Of Money.

​Rotten does not begin to explain the level of moral degradation in our society today. Social media has become a basic resource and platform where people display all kinds of evil on it. Few years back Kenyans were shocked after a group of young, beautiful ladies were caught in a mzungu’s house where they were being used to sleep with […]