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July 15, 2017

BEEF : Kenya’s Top Rappers Prezzo And Colonel Mustafa Are Not In Good Terms , ‘Nitakuzika’ , Prezzo Warns Mustafa.

Kenya’s top male socialites Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are at it once again. Barely a month after Colonel Mustafa took the first shots, Prezzo has responded in kind saying his rival is struggling to find a breakthrough in his music career. In May, Colonel Mustafa claimed that Prezzo’s ex-girlfriends end up with him because his bedroom skills are wanting. He […]
July 15, 2017

Luo Man Divorces His Wife After Seeing Her For The First Time Without MakeUps

A Luo man has divorced his two months wife after seeing her for the first time without make up. Onyango, who lives in Kileleshwa, made the controversial decision after realizing his wife, Njeri, is not as beautiful as she used to be when they got married. “I am a bitter man.The worst happened when Njeri went to take a shower. […]
July 15, 2017

Reasons Why Most Kalenjin Men Never Kiss Their Wives Nor Say The Word ‘I Love You’

Tell me when you heard a Kalenjin man tell his wife, “I love you”, or you witnessed him fondly kiss his wife-never! There are reasons why Kalenjin men never or rarely Kisii their women. According to Chelangat,who has been living with her husband for 10 years, the man she loves so much has never even held her hand in public, […]
July 14, 2017

VIBE : This Is Why Most Kikuyu Women Are More SuccessFul Compared To Women From Other Tribes

I am not sugarcoating Kikuyu women, but a fact remains, they are more successful than women from other tribes. There are several reasons that put these special women above the rest in regards to success. If by chance God miraculously takes all Kikuyu women to another country, this Kenya will lose thousands of lawyers, millions of entrepreneurs, thousands of doctors, […]