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October 7, 2016

Do You Love Fashion ? Be Part Of The Great Team Of Fashionistas Attending Kenya’s Biggest Fashion Show This Year

​Forget about all the whacky fashion events you have attended this year, definately they were worse right?? Well,here is the biggest fashion TV show planned to go down on November 26th this year,its actually right before the year comes to an end and you don’t wanna miss Kenya’s biggest fashion TV show I know. Having an approximate of like 30 […]
October 7, 2016

Ladies, You Got A Big Himalayas ? Here Is How To Win 300,000/- By Showing Off Your Booty

​Women in the top 10 list with big buttocks includes socialite Vera Sidika who thanks to surgery her behind was made to look huge than Mt. Everest. Just saying. Earlier this year Vera was among the organizers of an event that went down in Nakuru where young ladies and old women were offered a chance to win thousands of money […]
October 5, 2016

Who Is The Real GHETTO PRESIDENT ?? Bahati & EkoDyda Fight For This Title.

​We all know Eko Dydda the GrandMaster of Sheng hiphop in the ghetto, who can be compared to non.Actually EkoDyda describes himself as  the face and voice of the ghetto youths or ghetto spokesman. Regarding himself as a mere tool used by God to relay His word  — in particular the youth who are known to lead a confused and dangerous […]
October 1, 2016

NI KUNOMA: KTN’s Maisha Mzuqa Host Jamal Gaddafi In Trouble Over ChrisBrown & Wizkid Concert

​KTN’ Maisha Mzuqa Host  Jamal Gaddafi is in trouble with ladies over Wizkid & Chris Brown’s concert tickets.  Girls are willing to give him everything and anything in exchange for the  tickets going for 10,000ksh , have been spamming him on Whatsapp,even after knowing he is a married a man ,they still had to do this. Ooh my !!Mafisilet ni wengi […]