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April 3, 2017

WANANGANGANA TU – Here Are Top Kenyan Celebrities Paying House Rent Despite Their Long Stay In The Music Scene.

Everyone wishes to live like celebrities we see on TV. Many envy their flamboyant lifestyles, the cars and the money they spend in clubs and on women. I know of many girls who are dying to live like city socialite Vera Sidika at least even for a day. However not all you see on TV melts-down to the reality. A […]
March 26, 2017

SMASH AND PASS : A Kikuyu Woman Exposes Kisii and Kikuyu Men Who Made Her A Hoe.

A Kikuyu woman has paraded names of Kisii and Kikuyu men who have slept with her. In a popular Facebook page, the woman, named Winfred Kariuki, named Ambrose Mwiti,Fredrick Mwirigi,Joseph Orina and Jared Mosongo as the main culprits. The woman is bitter after these men entered her and left without notice. She has now told them to hurriedly visit VCT […]
March 26, 2017

WANNE SASA – Comedian Cum Singer Oga Obinna Welcomes Her Fourth Kid To The Family.

Comedian cum radio presenter and singer Oga Obinna recently welcomed another new family member with her wife and other three kids. The talented comedian who has also tried singing has managed to keep his family away from the limelight to protect his first growing family by all means. Congratulations man!
March 26, 2017

SAITANI – This Is How City Socialite Vera Sidika Was Dumped For Being Dark And Ugly

Its with no doubt that light-complexion sells. Light-skin is the new market in town with cosmetic gurus doing every thing to come up with bleaching agents for our girls and women today. City socialite Vera Sidika became popular after doing a complete skin-bleach and changing even her Identification Card (ID) to look light and sexy. Now recently controversial socialite Bridget […]