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May 31, 2017

CRIME DOESNT PAY – Here Is The List Of Nairobi Estates With Most Criminals , Hessy Wa Kayole Is Comming For You

Hessy Wa Kayole is a group of police officers who have been tasked with elimination of deadly criminals in Nairobi. A list of estates with most criminals, which have been blacklisted as “risk estates”, has been released. The list is based on the number of crime cases reported in Nairobi. If you are planning to live in Nairobi, you better […]
May 31, 2017

MAAJABU – After Size 8 And Lady B , Wahu Kagwi Ditches Secular For Gospel

Gospel musicians have been on the receiving end of things of late, not many are happy with the current gospel music state in Kenya. There have been a string of complaints on the content of the genre which many believe is deteriorating by the day. But who can blame them with the never ending controversies by Willy Paul and Bahati, […]
May 31, 2017

OH ! NO ATA KICHWA HAKUEKA NDANI – Colonel Mustapha Dumps His Virgin Girlfriend , His Reasons Will Shock You

Kenyan rapper cum reality TV character Colonel Mustafa has finally revealed why he dumped his girlfriend Mikato months after setting up their wedding. The rapper known to be a notorious womanizer has quite an history with women like city socialite Huddah Monroe, singer Marya and bi-sexual rapper Noti Flow. Mustafa however is allowed to marry more than one wife according […]
May 30, 2017

POMBE TU NA ANAKUPANULIA – Reasons Why Campus Girls Cant’ Be Good Wives If You Are Dating One.

The Campus girl is eons away from the wives our mothers are.She has slowly and surely evolved into a chemist that has experimented with all morning after pills.When she is not doing that, she is absorbing sweat from someone’s father or husband. You have not tasted hell until you taste food cooked by the campus girl.Their chapatis are harder than […]