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Stone Fabb believes he is taking over the HipHop industry after dropping his new track Hali Halisi

Hali Halisi is a dope trap music, since he has been on the scenes Stone Fabb has been putting extra efforts to sell his brand and get a huge fan base following.

Stone Fabb addresses why some of his haters will keep on hating on his progress

Wacha Wabonge Wacha Waseme Wakichoka Walale”

Simply to assure them that no matter how hard they try to pin or mock his career he is stepping on new levels everyday, keeping the grind tight.

The thing I like about this rapper is his patience, the rap game is very twisted & real niggers are dying to get in the industry just to realize they don’t fit in, this track has a sothing vibe with switching flows and it’s very lyrical.

It’s his first that’s getting a major recognition, during an interview Stone Fabb told Tuvibe team that he is currently signed up under a new management & label and will be off the book for a while to work on some major projects he assured his fans of good music & videos this time round,

Check out the video below


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