University Girl Seriously Beaten After Being Found In Bed with A Married Man
October 12, 2017
HUSTLE : How To Make Money While Studying In College Or In Campus
October 13, 2017
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He burnt himself!. Dem alimkataa.

Men please before you use up your money on a lady you don’t know well yet think twice. This man from Machakos was cutting waters with a lady student from Machakos university.
Nobody knows the amount of money the man had used on the lady,though it must have been a lot. Kelvin, the man, came to the lady’s house to finally open up about how he was madly in love with the lady.

The lady however didn’t feel the same way even after munching the man’s money and actually further went onto say the cursed line ‘I love you only as a friend’.

The man could not take it anymore and took a Jerry can full of paraffin and poured on himself. The lady thought the man was joking or only threatening, only for kelvin to light himself up and Carol to scream for Neighbours to come and help.

I’m imagining screaming was the only thing Carol could do as first aid, that’s what slay Queens and light skins do, right?… Just scream whenever something happens, mostly they scream when men buy expensive things for them, so I’m imagining did the neighbours hesitate to come into her house thinking it was a scream of joy? …

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