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August 9, 2017
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Raila Cries Out Uncontrollably As The People Of Mt Kenya Rejoice Jubilee Victory

Odinga dynasty ended in a painful defeat as the son of first President of Kenya humiliated the son of first Vice President of Kenya.

The two families have been at logger heads since Jaramogi Oginga Odinga parted ways with Jomo Kenyatta.Raila Odinga, who took the mantle from his father two decades, has been biting his fingers ready to defeat calculative son of Jomo.But the former Prime Minister’s race to State House was cut short a day ago when Kenyans said enough to politics of revenge and tribe.

A single tear from Raila’s eye welcomed floods of tears as he pondered on the next move. Even efforts to evoke emotions from his loyal supporters couldn’t salvage the situation. An emotional Raila read a statement beside dejected Musalia Mudavadi and his lawyer James Orengo.Clearly, the media, which has given him the limelight for the last 4 decades seemed disinterested in his words .

It’s a memorable day as Raila finally retires to Bondo, but more importantly to Deputy President William Ruto, who 6 years ago promised to end Raila’s career after the former PM fired him from the cabinet.

Raila may have had good intentions for the country but the system was against him and majority of Kenyans saw something in Uhuru that Raila lacked.As they say,kila kitu ina mwisho. We wish the son of Jaramogi good luck as he retires,though painfully.

Congratulations Uhuru!!!!!!

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