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DRYSPELL ITAWAMALISA ; IEBC CEO Mr Ezra Chiloba gives women sleepless nights.

The 2017 Independent Election and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) has done an impressive job to ensure the elections were on time, free and fair.

However IEBC, CEO Mr Ezra Chiloba has been the focus and discussion on social media after showing his confidence, competence and extremely high integrity to ensure the country is fixated on the truth and fairness from the board.

Well women on the other hand have been seeing an investment in him with the good looks and of course the age the best of all being the way he pronounced Form 34 A and Form 34B  leading to modification of his name to ‘Chilobae’ from Chiloba.

Apparently google reveals that Ezra Chiloba leads as the most searched individuals in Kenya the past few days.

Kenyan women have been busy thirsting over the IEBC CEO. One woman from notorious Kilimani Mums shared this: “I feel offended when he sits. Cant he just stand there and tell us anything some of us don’t even understand the initials IEBC”

Chiloba – or Chilobae as has been lovingly nicknamed by his female admirers – is a happily married man, according to IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe.


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