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EXPOSED : Here Is The Lady Who Has Been Recruiting Young Campus Girls To Sleep With Old Wazees

​Most big cities in Kenya oflate are known for a lot of things, drugs, prostitution and so on. There have been cases of sex workers , sex in exchange for fast money and so on .Prostitution is no longer something that people look down upon but view it as a profession.

There has been an incident where men pay women and young girls only to engage them in the act of sex. Young girls and boys engage in sexual acts with grown old men in the name of “SPONSORS”  “TYCOONS” .

The young  girls are recruited for that shameful act and this happens because poverty is on the rise and people have to make a living.

It is said that the boys and girls are usually high on drugs before performing the sexual acts. After getting high, they are given a maximum of 3hours to have sex with the “clients” and the payment is usually very little. 

It hurts even more when you imagine that the age of these young boys and girls range from 14 to 23 mostly from campuses.

When I think about the men and women who pay to see all things, I tend to question their humanity. What if that young boy or girl was your son or daughter? I have no idea what to call this kind of business venture as it is so shameful.

Well we at Tuvibe carried an investigation and from our close sources only to find out some of the linked recruiters of this  evil business.Mostly the recruiting phase is done online especially on Facebook and Instagram.

A woman by the name FAITH NYAMBURA272 has been mostly linked to this act of business of recruiting young girls from campuses to go sleep and fuck with old men whom she refers to as sponsors and tycoons.

From the Message she sends various girls on her social media , it is described that once you agree to take part in the business , you get paid 40,000/- KES after sexing.She goes on to sweet talk them even adding that one can make upto 300,000/- KES a week depending on the number of times you sleep with the old wazees.

She has been behind this business for a couple of years.

Faith has been in charge and she runs the agency of recruiting girls and receiving the money , she should be ashamed. 

How can someone be so inhuman to this extend. These young girls should be in school to build their future not in a brothel having sex with old wazees with rotten STIs and HIV AIDS to get paid.

Here is the recruitment conversation she had with one of the campus girls:

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