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September 27, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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Once again…Rongai has won! It is said that a second year student has been impregnated by a cobbler,who disguised himself as a rich business man.
Wanawake! Hatakama chali yako ako na hitilafu ya nguvu za kiume,enda polepole priss.
Wambo (Don’t tell me that you didn’t expect this),a student taking media in Multimedia University has a swollen belly which doctors are warning that it may be triplets or four of them inside.Huyu cobbler enyewe hadungangi viatu pekee yake!
I had a chance to speak to her close friends (Off-course unajua hizi vitu ndio hunifurahisha) and what they told me was:

Sisi tulishikwa na butwa vile Wambo alisema ati amepewa mimba na Cobra…Ndio tukakuja kujua ni shida ya matamshi,ni fundi wa viatu tu

But hold on…Its not over yet.This is not a story,right? The story comes in when she went for a pregnancy test then the doctor asked her if she was sexually active. Bwana daktari,kwani hio mimba alitumiwa na Flashshare? Thoooo! The Doctors of Rongai have done it again!
Otherwise,to her boyfriend- At-least you can cool down,sio cobra
To Wambo-usishtuke wakitoka kama wameshika chupa ya glue


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  1. Hahaha ati cobra lol enyewe hii sura imeweza kwa hio blog

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